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Synthetic Data Applied to PCBA Defect Detection

Advantages of Synthetic Data
  • Addressing Data Scarcity: Even with limited data, synthetic data technology generates a large volume of 3D virtual realistic data, expanding the dataset and overcoming the common challenge of insufficient training data for AI models in digital transformation.

  • Providing Diverse Data: Synthetic 3D data covers various types of defects and scenarios, offering a diverse dataset that enhances the generalization and distinct recognition capabilities of AI models.

  • Improved Accuracy and Efficiency: By leveraging synthetic data technology, we can generate highly realistic virtual data based on the logic derived from real defects. This enables AI models to accurately identify defects and enhance detection performance.

  • Time and Cost Savings: Eliminating the need to collect a large amount of real data, synthetic data technology rapidly generates a substantial amount of data, significantly saving time and resources required for model training and validation.

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