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PCBA Defect Detection Solution

Rapid Generation of High-Fidelity 3D Synthesized Data


PCBA defect detection Line Simulation in Digital Twin Made in NVIDIA Omniverse

Smart Manufacturing

Optimize factory inventory, logistics, packaging, transportation, and more through AI models, unlocking new business opportunities and revenue streams to sustain a competitive advantage.

Digital Twins of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Metaverse and Digital Twins

Realizing the simulation of physical characteristics and creating digital twins of real systems in NVIDIA Omniverse to study system issues in the real world or production lines. By implementing digital twins, businesses can eliminate trial-and-error methods and reduce wastage of physical resources.

Mass generation of 3D synthetic data for detecting flaws on metal surfaces

Synthetic Data

Lacking sufficient training data for AI? Let us assist your AI applications with advanced synthetic data techniques, effortlessly resolving the pain points of data scarcity and poor data quality, ensuring that "data" no longer hinders your digital transformation.


Leveraging Digital Twin Simulation to Facilitate AI Adoption in Businesses.

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