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“ Turning AI into a Companion We Met. ” 

MetAI Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2022, is a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program.

We combine the core technologies of Metaverse and AI to provide products and services that focus on "Highly Realistic Simulation" and "Data Synthesizers." We are dedicated to offering manufacturing industries easily adoptable solutions, enabling our partners to achieve successful implementation, transformation, and adoption through high-quality synthetic data and precise, practical applications.

MetAI’s Founder Team

MetAI's founder team is composed of individuals with expertise in technology, applications, and business, dedicated to exploring and developing innovative solutions to create value for industries and deliver efficient and accurate services and products.


Renton Hsu, the founder and CTO, is an expert in the fields of digital twins and synthetic data. He also excels in 3D reconstruction technology, allowing for seamless integration of MetAI's data science and digital twin technologies.


Daniel Yu, the co-founder and CEO, comes from a finance background but also has extensive experience in technology startups and practical applications. He is committed to bringing exceptional solutions to the challenging manufacturing industry. With a focus on business and decision-making, he ensures that MetAI's technology and services meet the real needs of the market.


The founder team collaborates to lead the company with a mission of innovation and excellence, providing integrated services in digital twins and synthetic data. They drive digital transformation in the manufacturing industry and strive to deliver value to customers.


Daniel Yu



Renton Hsu


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