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1:1 Real-World Digital Twin
3D Reconstruction Technology

Advantages of Digital Twins
  • Comprehensive Field Capture: Utilize aerial drones to capture the entire field, ensuring complete representation of details and features.

  • High-Precision Reconstruction: Employ Photogrammetry techniques to convert captured photos into accurate point cloud models, ensuring the virtual scene's realistic scale and details.

  • Professional Modeling Tools: Perform precise modeling based on the point cloud model, recreating the field's structure, terrain, vegetation, and other details.

  • Powerful Physics Simulation: Incorporate the created virtual scene into NVIDIA Omniverse for highly interactive and accurate physics simulations, predicting the behavior and performance of the field.

  • Time and Cost Savings: Integrate advanced technologies and tools to deliver high-quality, precise results while saving time and costs.

  • Foundation for Smart Factories: Enables easy expansion for testing AI solutions and simulating production lines.

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