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AI Engineer

Taipei, Taiwan

Job Type



Hybrid Work


Annual salary NT$1,200,000~NT$1,800,000

Number of Positions

No limit

Position Description

AI Personnel with expertise in computer vision, this position will work closely with Technical Artists to collaboratively create high-value computer vision synthetic data. This role requires analyzing real samples, identifying sample feature patterns, and providing these findings to Technical Artists as the foundation for generator development. Additionally, when Technical Artists produce data at various stages, the AI personnel need to validate the data's effectiveness in training AI and summarize directions for data improvement, working together with Technical Artists to enhance the generator's performance.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities (dependent on specific project):
■ Analyze real-world samples to identify and decode characteristic patterns
■ Provide foundational data for generator creation by Technical Artists
■ Validate the effectiveness of generated data by Technical Artists for AI training
■ ummarize data improvement directions to enhance generator performance

Required Qualifications

  • Advanced expertise in computer vision, capable of analyzing and decoding feature patterns from samples

  • Excellent data analysis and pattern recognition skills

  • Strong communication skills to efficiently collaborate with Technical Artists

  • Proficiency in Python or other relevant programming languages

  • Familiarity with training AI using mainstream DL frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.)

  • Over 4 years of relevant experience

Highly Desirable Skills

  • 3D Skills (modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, animation, etc.)

  • Complex problem-solving skills across disciplines

  • Basic knowledge of Generative AI principles (GAN, Stable Diffusion, etc.)

  • Experience in training Generative AI models

We hope you will fit well with our team’s culture

  • Strong Work Ethic: We firmly believe this venture can significantly transform existing industry paradigms. Together, we are highly committed and work both intelligently and diligently.

  • Growth Mindset: We are eager to share new skills with you, grow together, and continually invest in your personal development. However, learning requires effort, so we hope you are enthusiastic about learning.

  • Excellent Team Member: We care for and support each other. Maintaining a humble and open mindset, we pursue grand goals together.

  • Flexibility: As an early-stage startup, you need to be adaptable and capable of handling a variety of tasks, ranging from meticulous data cleaning to high-level algorithm design.

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